Best Survey Websites of 2020

For the 6th year in a row, we have made our yearly selections for the SurveyPolice Top Survey Sites of this year.

Whether you are new to questionnaire taking and therefore are searching paid online polls to take part in, or have obtained online surveys earlier, have a look at our choices to the best online poll panels of 2020. In our view, though detecting changes in the previous calendar year, a number of the very best survey sites on the internet now are given below.

  • Overall standing among SurveyPolice consumers (according to user testimonials )
  • Changes in consumer opinion expressed in reviews within the previous year
  • Incentives provided to survey takers in Addition to overall user experience
  • Customer support attentiveness

If you are entirely new to questionnaire taking and require some assistance, you can find out more about the way online survey taking functions and how you can get paid to take surveys online, by checking out the Surveys 101 manual or your FAQ.

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– Top Website #1: PaidViewpoint

– Top Website #2: Tellwut

– Top Website #3: Prolific

– Top Website #4: YouGov

– Top Website #5: Epoll Surveys

– Honorable Mention: PointClub

– What Changed from Last Year


Top Website #1: PaidViewpoint

PaidViewpoint is our Best Research Website of 2020! PaidViewpoint has made our list of Top Research Websites for its 5th year in a row, because their strong standing among survey takers proceeds.

Why we like them: Launched, dependable, attentive customer service, user friendly site, open to customers globally.

What it is like taking polls for these: PaidViewpoint has existed for a couple of decades now and has figured out that the formula for maintaining their survey takers contented. They’ve been rated a leading survey board by survey takers for Several Years in a row, as well as the reasons are apparent:

  • Though America is their biggest marketplace, users in the majority of English-speaking nations will experience some success using the site, making them a fantastic international paid survey website alternative.
  • Daily’trait polls’ make it feasible to make a little bit of income daily, with these available to users in most nations.
  • When new research become available, they’re instantly available due to dashboards. Surveys are just emailed whenever there’s an urgent job or if you can find spots that still have to get filled.
  • PaidViewpoint has over 1,000 5-star testimonials on SurveyPolice, offering credibility as a completely legit paid surveys site!

PaidViewpoint’s degree of customer support is unparalleled. Though their site interface has not changed much during the past few decades, it had stood the test of time, with customers reporting a fantastic experience interacting with the stage today.

Rewards provided: Cash paid through PayPal, Amazon gift cards, Walmart gift cards

Qualification: Open to poll takers globally.

Top Website #2: Tellwut

Why we like them: Daily earning chances, quite quickly rewards processing times, fantastic customer services.

What it is like taking polls for these: Tellwut supplies a mixture of polls; you can choose and make brief community surveys and surveys to generate points, and you might also take outside surveys offering higher stage payouts. Several different giveaways can be obtained, with Tellwut boosting more of a neighborhood spirit than many survey websites.

  • Daily survey opportunities can be found under the’Most Recent’ part of consumer accounts.
  • Socialize with fellow community members by voting in fun surveys which include talks on a massive assortment of fascinating topics.
  • Regular giveaways provide points and gift cardsmonthly promotional giveaways of gift cards are provided to members, together with extra giveaways held frequently on Facebook.
  • Ask a gift card as soon as your account reaches only 4,200 points ($10). Gift cards are generally issued within only 24-48 hours of request.

Tellwut also provides quite superior customer services. With rare exception, Tellwut reacts to customer support inquiries in a really reasonable time period.

Rewards provided: Gift cards such as Amazon, Visa prepaid cards, Best Buy, Walmart, amongst others.

Qualification: Residents of USA and Canada.

Top Website #3: Prolific

Why we like them: Simple to use, open globally, few openings.

What it is like taking polls for these: Powered from the University of Oxford and utilized by investigators across the world, Prolific is quite simple to use. Just log into a user dash, select studies you are the interested in, and finish them. You may also readily contact the researcher responsible for the questionnaire if you experience any errors or issues with a research.

  • Prolific works from the UK, therefore PayPal payments are given in GBP (Pounds). $6.25 USD) on your accounts, you can ask for a payment, which is generally made within two days. Should
  • you reside outside the united kingdom, PayPal can automatically convert your obligations into the regional currency.
  • Pause polls and return to them later in the event that you desire. Provided that a research does not shut before you go back to it, you may continue your polls at a later moment.
  • If you’re trying to find route to fast earning paid polls, finish the profilers on your accounts; you won’t get as many surveys if you do not fill out these.

Rewards provided: PayPal payments, contributions to charity.

Top Website #4: YouGov

A high selection of ours in preceding decades, YouGov is a brand new addition to our finest websites of 2020 listing.

What it is like taking polls for these: YouGov polls are often quoted in the media, particularly in regards to political polling. Their online survey panel includes countless survey takers around the world, with a lot of the attention being in English-speaking nations.

  • YouGov delivers interesting, engaging polls to their associates. Topics aren’t solely political in character, as polls on amusement and lifestyle-related subjects are typical.
  • Though payment minimums vary each state, the minimal cash from the USA is $25. Rewards are usually issued immediately, though bodily gift cards which are sent may take a few weeks to
  • get.
  • YouGov actually prides itself in supplying top quality surveys and qualityy control concerns are supplied by the conclusion of every one of the polls.

Rewards provided: PayPal obligations (in certain states ), gift cards, product.

Top Website #5: Epoll Surveys

Why we like them: Entertainment-related polls, quite low volatility minimum, wide selection of benefits.

What it is like taking polls for these: Epoll specializes in conducting research that’s based on the amusement market. Can it be movies, actors, new displays, or new products, Epoll survey subjects are fun in character and the polls themselves are simple to finish. Epoll has existed for ages (they began in 1997), so they’re well established from the industry surveys and research industry. Their experience in conducting a survey website is large and they still continue to make improvements to their own stage.

  • Survey subjects are usually mild in character and often revolve round entertainment-related topics. You may be asked to offer your comments on new TV shows, entertainers, advertisements, and so on.
  • With only $5 values of things on your accounts, you can ask for a PayPal payment or gift card. A vast array of gift card choices are available, however present cards are physical in nature and will be sent to you.
  • Survey frequency and accessibility can be greater than other sites.

Rewards provided: PayPal payments, various gift card choices such as Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart and more.

Qualification: USA residents only

Honorable Mention: PointClub

Though we finally feel that PointClub is an excellent poll weapon, we downgraded their standing as our #3 select for 2019 to a honorable course for 2020.

A for Effort: There is no doubt that the folks behind PointClub set a great deal of effort and time into creating an interactive experience for their associates; their superheroes theme features different characters that interact with associates throughout the system, distinct tiers of membership can be gotten for engaging (along with various badges also ), daily competitions are held on social networking, and much more.

B- for Stage Approvals and Account Blocks: To your ordinary poll taker, you will find two prominent issues with PointClub. The first is that things can take a lengthy time to approve. It may be days or weeks until users are blamed for surveys they finished, and this sort of wait time is bothersome. PointClub waits to get polls approved by a customer prior to devoting their associates with points and even though this common-sense approach is logical on the outside, it usually means that weeks may go by without being able to cash out the earnings.

The next problem is that sometimes, PointClub appears a little overzealous with users that they see as questionable or fraudulent. Market study is ripe with deceptive survey takers (bots that take polls, individuals from various nations lying around their place to be able to meet the requirements for polls, etc.), therefore PointClub uses tools to detain and determine these kinds of abnormalities. Regrettably, in the process, valid survey takers may also be flagged from the procedure, which shields users from accessing their own account prevents users from cashing out. Though their service team does a fantastic job of handling these problems, it provides yet another wrinkle in the consumer experience with the website.

Still a good Choice: Regardless of the problems above, we believe that PointClub is finally an excellent poll panel. There are not very many survey boards which have set the tools they’ve into crafting this elaborate survey requiring experience for consumers; the polls they supply are interactive and interesting, the benefits choices they give are exceptional, and client support is not difficult to contact.

Rewards provided: More than 80 distinct options such as PayPal payments, gift cards, prepaid credit cards and much more.

Qualification: Although technically accessible globally, PointClub is aimed towards individuals in the USA.

What Happens from Last Year’s Replies

We’d OneOpinion as our #1 option this past year, but this year, they just did not make the cut. In 2019, OneOpinion’s parent firm, Critical Mix, was bought by Dynata (who conducts several survey panels). This acquisition appeared to have influenced many present members of their OneOpinion panel ; it now seems that qualifying for polls is harder than ever, survey frequency has decreased, and a few users have begun to report difficulty in amassing their earnings.

As stated previously, the second shift between this season and last year has been downgrading PointClub out of our #3 decision annually to a honorable mention this year. The explanations for that are explained previously.

Another largest differences in our choices are the accession of YouGov and EPoll Surveys. Both these panels also have made our annual top select lists previously; YouGov was our #5 select for 2018, and our #4 select for 2016, whilst E-Poll was our #3 select back in 2015.

Tried and True: With the exception of Prolific, who’s the relative new kid on the block, our choices for the Best Survey Websites of 2020 was for recognized survey websites who’ve been in existence for some time. Though we’re constantly on the watch for survey websites which are fresh and innovative, a number of these larger panels have continued to do a fantastic job in handling their own panel communities and maintaining their survey takers content.


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