7 Ways to Get Free Sephora Gift Cards

If you are somebody who enjoys make-up and beauty goods (or you know someone who does), you have likely heard of Sephora. It’s grown to become one of the world’s most prestigious global beauty merchants, with over 2,600 shops in over 30 nations.

You will also likely be eager to hear there are a range of methods to receive your hands-on Sephora gift cards without paying for them.

Inside this guide, we will explore a few of the greatest sites for getting free Sephora gift cards.

What exactly are Sephora gift cards?

Sephora gift cards may be used to buy products at Sephora shops or on its own official site (s). They may be bought as bodily cards in Sephora stores, online through Sephora’s sites or from third party distributors like Walmart or even CVS.

Other denominations might be available to buy in-store.

You may use up to 2 gift cards simultaneously to create in-store purchases and around ten to make purchases. It is possible to join your Sephora gift card balance with money or credit card should you want to do so.

The Way to make purchases utilizing Sephora gift cards.

If you’re making an in-store buy, just hand over your present card to the cashier when it’s time to cover your goods.

When making an internet purchase, be certain that you input the 8-digit PIN on the gift card once you are on the checkout page.

This really is behind the transparency over the back of your plastic card.

Best websites to get free Sephora gift cards.

There are loads of sites which permit you to convert the credits that you get for answering surveys, performing micro jobs and engaging in different actions, into free Sephora gift cards.

As opposed to attempting to locate discount Sephora gift cards on the internet (that are extremely difficult to locate ), if you are wanting to save a little cash, taking a while to answer some surveys can be a fantastic alternative to buying sale which might never come.

Listed below are 7 Big sites which allow you to do this:

Branded Surveys

Branded Surveys is a fantastic selection for users that do not have a great deal of time to be spending a side-hustle for example paid surveys.

The polls provided to associates are normally brief, and you will also get a small payment if you are disqualified halfway through filling out a questionnaire.

Bonus: Branded provides a $1 welcome bonus, which means that you’ll be 10 percent of the way for your first reward by simply joining.


A whole lot of individuals love using PrizeRebel since it delivers many different approaches to create money, rather than simply through paid surveys. You can even make money by playing games or watching movies, such as.

Surveys give the most effective method to generate money however — and there are constantly new polls being provided up to associates.

These members enjoy the massive selection of alternatives for converting their things into rewards also.

You will find over 500 retailers who have partnered with PrizeRebel to provide gift cards, such as Sephora.

Bonus: it’s possible to find a gift card with PrizeRebel with just as small as $5.00 on your account.


PointClub is mainly a paid survey site, even though there are a couple of other procedures for earning points.

This enjoyable, highly interactive website provides a huge array of surveys about different subjects and provides various methods to make more points through their loyalty program, through talking buddies, and much more.

Univox Community

Univox Community has brought over 3 million members through recent years. The site is instinctive and pays nicely for the time.

The major downside is that new members need to make 2,500 points ($25) until they could cash out, nevertheless you can ‘level-up’ on this website and get compensated with just as small as $10 on your account as soon as you’ve cashed out a couple of times.


Much like Univox, you are going to need to make $25 value of things before you can cash out. But after that first landmark, you are able to cash out with just as little as $1 value of things!

If you are in Canada, then this might be a fantastic choice to consider; even though the rewards you redeem for a Sephora card will be issued in US dollars, it’s still possible to use it in a Canadian shop or online.

Bonus: MySoapBox provides a $2.00 accounts credit to members.

Toluna Influencers

Toluna Influencers is just another enjoyable paid survey site, which delivers an impressive stream of new polls to reply and make money.

A good deal of individuals appears to relish its community characteristics, which permits you to make your own surveys for associates to reply.

Bonus: Toluna Influencers provides a program, which makes it easy to take polls on the move.


InstaGC is very similar to PrizeRebel since it’s famous for supplying many different methods to earn credits and supplies a massive choice of approaches to convert them to prizes.

Sephora is on its own listing of 330+ spouse retailers.

The InstaGC name stems from the remarkable rate that rewards are sent to your inbox.

Bonus: InstaGC can be obtained globally.

Bonus Suggestion: Use any Site That Provides Tango cards

Tango cards, aka Reward Links, may be converted to Sephora gift cards at no cost. These are essentially all-purpose gift cards which enable you to swap your Tango card for 80+ gift card alternatives, such as gift cards to Sephora.

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